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How I am Using my Pax Vaporizer

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My friend Rob wanted me to write an entry about this new vaporizer that I bought. If you don’t know what it is it’s called the Pax Vaporizer. It is a revolutionary vaporizer in the sense that it is the smallest vaporizer known to man.

The reason that is so small is that they wanted to design it so that they could have it so people can carry around with them. And this is exactly what I do. For these vaporizers under review are numbers 1 through 5 in the world at phatnav.So basically I’m to give you a rundown of how my typical day goes and how I’m ended up using it. So for starters I go ahead and I loaded up in the morning. This makes it so I don’t have to load it up during the day when I want to use it. I do is I just go ahead and throw it right into my backpack.

It fits perfectly and it doesn’t stink up my backpack which is very nice. Then after around lunchtime when my buddy and I get out of class really head over to Bascom Hill were we sit down and smoke from the vaporizer. This is incredibly relaxing and have to redo so we are able to go get some food nearby. My friend said that the Pax Vaporizer looks like something from District 9. But basically it is so discreet doesn’t have that much of a smell so that is why were able to do it right front of a bunch of people.

That is pretty much the reason that I bought it is so that I could discreetly smoking from people. I was thinking that I didn’t want to buy something that was really big and that would be noticeable in one of the big smell. So this is the one that I ended up getting and I’m just super Duper happy with it. So I think this something that interests you guys should check it out.

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